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Even More Organizing

I'm not completely neurotic, I swear. But I do like for things to be organized and tidy. I work much more efficiently when things are where I can get to them easily. Remember in my last blog post those lovely before and after photos showing how neat my workspace was?

This box destroyed that:

A seemingly innocuous box... of doom.
No really. The moment I opened this box and started sorting the contents my room suddenly exploded and looked like this:

That's a lot of stuff to sort through. Most of it is excessive amounts of packaging, which thankfully, I recycle and reuse. But man, is it ever time consuming! I started in with organizing this stuff yesterday afternoon when I got home from work. I wasn't finished until about 3pm this afternoon.

But now I have all the seed beads a girl could ever need, clasps, findings, chatons, and flatback crystals. And it's all neatly put away. So once again, my work space looks like this:

Enjoy the view while you can. This won't last long.
At least, it looks like this for the next few minutes. I've got projects to work on and beads to play with!

Much love,

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