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So, I mentioned it briefly in prior posts, but I have indeed started up yet another Etsy shop. I don't... want to tell you how many shops this now equals. This is largely to separate my high-end gemstone jewelry from my cutesy acrylic, glass, and otherwise whimsy sort of jewelry that is meant for a different audience.

What I've heard from others, and what I've noticed myself, is that looking at the front of this shop is quite enjoyable. At least it is if you like candy bright rainbows...... which I do. :D

I also have accounts in other places; Meylah and a defunct ArtFire account. The empty Meylah account that doesn't even appear to exist at the moment, but really does, I hope to use at some point for tutorials and digital collage sheets. I like that the shop platform delivers digital good automatically. Getting that going is going to require me to actually sit down and focus on working on art. We'll see how that goes with all my other dozens of projects.  n_n;

Do you guys have shops? More than one? Which do you prefer? I know several of you already on Etsy and a couple of other places. Leave me a link in the comments so I can browse. ♥

Much love,

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