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Wedding Jewelry for Echo

This isn't quite finished jewelry yet, but it is well on its way. I've gotten kind of a late start on all of this thanks to life!chaos being in my way, which I feel quite terrible about. This is a commission from a friend who is getting married in October.

Yes. That is one messy looking tile. I got pigments everywhere.

These flower cabochons are made from a mold from Mold Muse using polymer clay. I dusted them with PearlEx pigment powders. Now they just need to be sprayed with a bit of workable fixative, sanded, and then sealed again. Shouldn't take too terribly long with my handy Dremel.  :D

The large cabbage rose is meant to be for the bride, but I am going to do another in a lighter tan clay. I'll let her pick which she prefers. The large mums are for the bridesmaids. The tiny mums are for hairpins. All of the larger flowers are going to be used as pins for her bouquets.

They won't be floral pins in the sense that they'll be attached to a long piece of wire to go into the bouquets, but they'll be attached as brooches / pin backs that will later be converted to bookmarks for those in the bridal party to keep.

These will also be more than just a flower cabochon glued to a pin back. I'm going to be incorporated a bit of bead work, too. They should be very pretty. Hopefully I'll have them finished by either tonight or tomorrow so I can get them in the mail to her quickly. I've also got all of the lovely jewelry for both the bride and bridesmaids to complete in addition to hair fascinators.

All in all, it should make for an excellent collection of jewelry.

Should have more to share soon!

Much love,

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