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My Lovely BSBP Partner

Forgive me, as I'm a bit fuzzy brained after a lovely vacation over the Fourth of July. I spent five days with my dad in Oklahoma, which is always awesome. I love getting to catch up with my family in my hometown, but getting back into the swing of things once I come home to Texas always leaves me feeling a bit frazzled for the first couple of days.

Anyhow, before I forget what I'm supposed to be writing about, let me formally introduce you to my lovely Bead Soup Blog Party partner, Barb Fernald. This lady is downright amazing, and she sent me SO many things! I've made 5 pieces of jewelry so far, and still have beads to spare. I've enjoyed every minute of working with Barb's beautiful silver beads.

Speaking of, check out some of her work:
She drills these stones herself! So neat!
The look of the metal "stones" next to the natural ones makes for some excellent contrast.
Seriously! This stuff is amazing, and very inspiring. It makes me think that I most certainly need to save up for a kiln so I can tinker with some of this art clay stuff.

But the beads! What about the beads, you say! Here they are. I meant to take better photos, but in my excitement I found that I had already starting stringing and tinkering with things before I remember that... hey! I was going to take better photos. Ahh well. I promise to take good photos of the jewelry. Pinkie promise!

I think Barb is psychic and knew my Sunshine polishing cloth needed replacing soon. Talk about an awesome surprise after having forgotten to purchase one in my last bulk supply order. Thanks, Barb! ♥
Gemstone beads, glass beads, lucite, pearls, and lovely silver findings made by Barb herself!

Those freshwater pearls are simply divine. Top drilled, even!

There was much squealing over that little bird. I didn't realize it was still folded up in the tissue paper. It was quite a pleasant surprise to find it after I thought I had unwrapped everything.

And there we have it. My beads from my amazing partner. Can you blame me for diving in right away to work with these amazing gifts? I didn't think so!  ;)

Much love,

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