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Cup of Bead Soup Reveal Day!

Cup of Bead Soup Time (Almost)!

I have been a pretty busy girl here lately. I started a new job, and things have been pretty hectic getting settled in. In short, I am infinitely more busy than I was at my prior job, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. It's just been a little difficult adjusting to the new schedule and near impossible to find energy afterwards to focus on much of anything.

To make matters worse, I've been sick on top of it. Hooray for a new work environment and my weakened immune system. I actually managed to get strep throat. That's something I've not had or come in contact with since, well, childhood. Kind of awkward.

Anyhow! I am doing well once again. I've been working on jewelry off and on. Here's one of the things I've created recently that I've posted on Facebook. I'm very guilty at posting things on my personal page and forgetting to share them with the rest of the world. My bad!
Blue lace agate, blue chalcedony, and sea opal in copper.
This necklace was just one of those things that sort of took on a mind of its own. I thought the focal looked like a cloud, so the idea was to create a sort of rain cloud talisman. I get lots of comments on it whenever I wear it about.  :)

Also of note, it is almost Cup of Bead Soup time! I lucked out and won a fantastic set of vintage lucite beads from Lori Anderson, and I am super excited to be participating. The reveal date for the creations is this next Saturday the 10th.

Here's a sneak peak of the amazing beads I get to work with:
Photo by Lori Anderson from Pretty Things Blog
I'm having a really great time designing with these beads. I also have some new beads that have just newly arrived. On top of that, my darling friend Sandra is sending me new beads?? SO EXCITING.

That's it for now. Be watching for the reveal post on Saturday!

Much love,

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