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ZNetShows Lightening Round Challenge

I'm pretty much in love with ZNetShows beads, so I was super excited when I got an email about this quick challenge round. The goal this time was to pick two strands of crystals from their catalog, and then create some key chains.

Here are the fun violet and purple beads I picked out:

These were product code RS123-27 for the helix/faceted twist cut beads and RS107-107 for the pretty purple metallic coated beads. Both have a beautiful sparkle! If you're interested in these cool keychain findings, you can get them here.

Key chains have become a big deal to me working in a hospital setting. As are badge holders, so this challenge was super exciting to me. Check out the cool new key chain and coordinating badge holder I made for work:

I love the finish on these beads. Such a nifty metallic sheen.
It's a little difficult to capture the color of these beads, so here's a close up.
Woohoo! New badge holder with lots of sparkle. With some soft silk sari ribbon, even.
Badge holder + keychain together = a lot of shine!

Oh yeah. Totally made some ladies at work jealous. I will probably be making a few more keychains for some coworkers. Perhaps even a badge holder or two.

That's it for now. I have some totally awesome news to share about my first published jewelry! So exciting!

Much love,

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