BSBP Soup Arrival!
8th Annual Bead Soup Blog Party Reveal!

Store Updates & New Tutorial!

I am very excited to announce all the nifty new changes I've made to my blog and my store. A lot of those things are rather minute and would probably only be noticeable to me. The rest are a little more obvious!

Like for instance, check out those new buttons on the navigation panel! Heck yes! New things! I also stopped being lazy and went ahead and re-updated my rollover images. So fancy. Now the "Buy Jewelry" links directly to my jewelry store, and the "Buy Artwork" will link to where you can buy artwork. There's not any artwork available just at this moment, but oh man is my jewelry store looking shiny. I've recently updated it with several items to include my necklace from the ZNetShows' Spring Glossi!
The earrings have already sold, but the necklace is still available. ♥

But wait! There's more! There is now a Tutorials button. That's right. I have been meaning to make jewelry tutorials for a lonnnng time. Well. I finally got started. What prompted it was an innocent question posed by my current BSBP partner, Dhea Powers.

Here's what I sent her:

Silk ribbon, Czech glass, Serpentine "Peridot Jasper", Chinese Crystal, and Parawire in Antique Bronze 22ga
In the past, I think my Bead Soup that I've sent to my partners, while lovely, has been a bit watered down when it came to my own personality. This stuff? Very, very me. Rocks, wire, and crystal. Oh yeah!

Anyhow, my charming partner does not work with wire, and was a little intimidated by that adorable little spool of wire (It's actually a thread bobbin! So cute!). To help her out, I sent her links to some tutorials, and showed her some examples of what I like to do with wire that's pretty basic. I also sent this picture:


I was using that little link in the center as an example of how I make pieces and then connect them all together with jumprings, etc. She replied saying she wanted to know how I wire wrapped the briolette next to the connector piece.

Thus, I have made my first jewelry making tutorial, which you may download for free on my tutorials page. I'll be updating that page with more tutorials in the future, which I am very excited about. It's something I've been meaning to do, but have seriously procrastinated on. Big thanks to Dhea for the inspiration to get started!

I hope you all enjoy the tutorial, too. There will be more on the way, and soon there will be proper eBooks for purchase as well. Enjoy the tutorial, and feel free to share it around!  :D

Much love,

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