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The Bead Market @ OKC

So, I'm in Oklahoma visiting family currently, and this past weekend I went to The Bead Market with my auntie. I've been to this show a couple of times before in Fort Worth, TX, but it was fun to visit with my auntie and check it out in a new location. I spotted some familiar vendors (one of which was even from the Richardson area where I spent most of my time as a kiddo in Texas), and some new ones. The show was a little smaller than the one I'm used to, but that didn't hurt my feelings. It's almost kind of overwhelming looking at the rows upon rows of sparkly beads. 

Anyhow, here's all the fun stuff I picked up at the show:

Some very vibrant crystal beads. I was recently sent some yellow beads on two different occasions recently, so I was on the lookout for something yellow since it's an uncommon color in my collection.  :)
Kind of wish it wasn't so darn cold outside to better show off the vibrancy of these beads. That red is actually closer to a garnet color and it is lovely! ♥
Neon rubberized glass! Such a strange, interesting texture. And the colors! Woah. This photo doesn't do them justice.
Ohh. These quartz points. I am in love. They're a natural quartz with a soft, smokey blue coating. So lovely!
And of course, there were fun magnesite shapes all over the place. I couldn't pass up these teensy skulls.

Aren't these beads fantastic? I am so excited! I had been wanting some neon stuff for quite a while, and those quartz points are divine. I got them 70% off the retail price, too. Bonus!

That's it for now!

Much love,

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