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ZNetShows Summer Blog Hop Reveal!

ZNetShows Summer Challenge Beads

Oh, man, guys. GUYS. Look at this stash of awesome! I'm always so tickled and pleasantly surprised when I get to participate and receive awesome beads from www.ZNetShows.com - I seriously love these guys so much!

I actually keep my beads I receive from them in a separate little bag so that when I am working on designs to show off their beautiful beads, I can mix and match up beads from prior challenges as well.

Clearly, I will have to take a photo of this particular stash to give you a lovelies an idea of the awesome things I get to work with. It may have to wait though, because I'm working on placing an order for some things I've been eyeing for a while on their website.

While I'd love to show off the awesome designs I've already created from these beads, you'll have to wait until the Summer issue of Creative Spark comes out. ;)

I can, however, tell you that the theme was Summer Days and Summer Nights - one jewelry set was created per design theme.

That's it for now!

Much love,

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