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New Projects and Tools for 2023!

Current Projects for 2022!

Hello, hello!

I live in a void between time and space, so I often forget to update my blog and social media sites. This has primarily been due to undiagnosed ADHD, burnout, and having to work too many jobs to keep things afloat among other tragedies. I am happy to report I have a good handle on most of those things and instead of working All The Jobs, All of The Time, I am actively choosing to work on my own business ventures and various creative endeavors. Most of the links are still works in progress, but I should have things up and running shortly!



Current Project List:

  • Selling stock photos! I started photographing plants several years ago to build up references for my own art after I realized everyone is likely using the same images over and over from Google photos. That's not an inherently bad thing, so long as there's a creative commons license, etc, but I want my art to look unique! I now have several thousand photos of plants and flowers, and instead of letting them languish in obscurity, I thought I would share the wealth. They're not the highest resolution, so I can't submit them to places like Shutterstock, but I made my own little corner of the internet for them on Gumroad
  • Online classes! Have you ever wanted to learn how to make art? I'm working on launching a couple of courses on Skillshare!
  • Live Streaming! Come watch and hang out while I paint, craft, and generally create chaos on Twitch.
  • I will also be uploading videos to YouTube and maybe a few clips to TikTok.
  • My online store for jewelry is well overdue for an update, and I have a couple of other self-published projects in the works!

I hope you'll stick around for all the interesting, new things I'm working on. I can't wait to share them all with you!

Much love,


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