Current Projects for 2022!
New Coloring Book Published & New Designs!

New Projects and Tools for 2023!

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This past fall and holiday season I ventured into the foray of print-on-demand (POD) products. I've dabbled with it before, but things have definitely changed over the years, and for the better! I launched my own art shop on Shopify and have been using Printful to get things going. I'm still on the fence about both the designs I have up for offer and if this is really the route I want to take with my art. I have the shop paused for a moment while I reconsider the entire concept and what art I really want to see in the world with my name attached to it.

Pictured below is a mock-up of one of my original paintings converted into a postcard! It's pretty neat to see my actual designs turned into usable products. It's definitely something I will be continuing to explore this year.


I've also been on the fence about returning to Etsy for digital downloads and smaller products, but will the markup on fees be worth it? Hard to say.

Have you had success selling art or products as digital downloads? I had been looking into using Teachable to host art classes, but I recently found out they also launched the ability for you to sell digital downloads! They allow for stand-alone products with a one-time payment and an option for payment plan pricing plus bundling options if you have multiple products. Pretty exciting stuff if you're looking to branch out on your own to focus on your own brand. This is something I'm genuinely going to be considering when launching my next digital products.

Speaking of art classes, I still have my heart set on using Skillshare for the lessons I want to teach. I have an affiliate link that will give you a 1-month free trial listed here: 1 Month Free Trial. Or if you'd rather sign up for a longer period of time, save some money with 40% off a Skillshare membership through 2/1/23. I have personally taken classes on Skillshare, and it was a very enjoyable experience.

Another service I've taken to recently is Canva! I know. I'm late to the party on this one, but it has made making logos, business cards, and marketing collateral an absolute dream! I love this app so much! I'm using it to make all sorts of graphics and beautiful things to promote my art and upcoming projects.

What projects are you working on in the New Year? Let me know in the comments!

Much love,


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