New Projects and Tools for 2023!

Note: This post contains affiliate links! See my full disclaimer for details.

This past fall and holiday season I ventured into the foray of print-on-demand (POD) products. I've dabbled with it before, but things have definitely changed over the years, and for the better! I launched my own art shop on Shopify and have been using Printful to get things going. I'm still on the fence about both the designs I have up for offer and if this is really the route I want to take with my art. I have the shop paused for a moment while I reconsider the entire concept and what art I really want to see in the world with my name attached to it.

Pictured below is a mock-up of one of my original paintings converted into a postcard! It's pretty neat to see my actual designs turned into usable products. It's definitely something I will be continuing to explore this year.


I've also been on the fence about returning to Etsy for digital downloads and smaller products, but will the markup on fees be worth it? Hard to say.

Have you had success selling art or products as digital downloads? I had been looking into using Teachable to host art classes, but I recently found out they also launched the ability for you to sell digital downloads! They allow for stand-alone products with a one-time payment and an option for payment plan pricing plus bundling options if you have multiple products. Pretty exciting stuff if you're looking to branch out on your own to focus on your own brand. This is something I'm genuinely going to be considering when launching my next digital products.

Speaking of art classes, I still have my heart set on using Skillshare for the lessons I want to teach. I have an affiliate link that will give you a 1-month free trial listed here: 1 Month Free Trial. Or if you'd rather sign up for a longer period of time, save some money with 40% off a Skillshare membership through 2/1/23. I have personally taken classes on Skillshare, and it was a very enjoyable experience.

Another service I've taken to recently is Canva! I know. I'm late to the party on this one, but it has made making logos, business cards, and marketing collateral an absolute dream! I love this app so much! I'm using it to make all sorts of graphics and beautiful things to promote my art and upcoming projects.

What projects are you working on in the New Year? Let me know in the comments!

Much love,


Current Projects for 2022!

Hello, hello!

I live in a void between time and space, so I often forget to update my blog and social media sites. This has primarily been due to undiagnosed ADHD, burnout, and having to work too many jobs to keep things afloat among other tragedies. I am happy to report I have a good handle on most of those things and instead of working All The Jobs, All of The Time, I am actively choosing to work on my own business ventures and various creative endeavors. Most of the links are still works in progress, but I should have things up and running shortly!



Current Project List:

  • Selling stock photos! I started photographing plants several years ago to build up references for my own art after I realized everyone is likely using the same images over and over from Google photos. That's not an inherently bad thing, so long as there's a creative commons license, etc, but I want my art to look unique! I now have several thousand photos of plants and flowers, and instead of letting them languish in obscurity, I thought I would share the wealth. They're not the highest resolution, so I can't submit them to places like Shutterstock, but I made my own little corner of the internet for them on Gumroad
  • Online classes! Have you ever wanted to learn how to make art? I'm working on launching a couple of courses on Skillshare!
  • Live Streaming! Come watch and hang out while I paint, craft, and generally create chaos on Twitch.
  • I will also be uploading videos to YouTube and maybe a few clips to TikTok.
  • My online store for jewelry is well overdue for an update, and I have a couple of other self-published projects in the works!

I hope you'll stick around for all the interesting, new things I'm working on. I can't wait to share them all with you!

Much love,


Starts, Stops, and a Curious Diagnosis

Hello, friends!

If you've followed me on social media for any particular length of time, you'll have likely noticed that I tend to go through long periods of radio silence. All of a sudden I'll get a little burst of energy and focus, and then I will create and share from dusk to dawn until something interrupts that pattern of behavior. This is something that has proved frustrating not only for myself but for potential clients as well. I never could quite put my finger on why my mind seemed to work that way, so I have taken a pretty long hiatus from comic book conventions, commissions, and taking on artistic work in general. Why was the 11th hour always when I finished projects? It's exhausting. My mind is so full of ideas! Why can't I sit still long enough to put them to good use or to even have the energy to complete them once started?

Well, at 35 years of age, I have finally been given the answer a few weeks ago. I have ADHD and it's quite severe. As in, nearly every single box on the assessment was "very often" as far as how ADHD impacts my life. I have felt a strange combination of elation and sadness over this diagnosis. It's wonderful, because oh my goodness! I am not crazy. I am not imagining things. Life really shouldn't be quite so difficult, and I don't have to work nearly so hard to function now with medication on board. I no longer feel like I'm wading through molasses just to get the most basic of day-to-day tasks done. I feel so vindicated!

On the other hand, it's been very bittersweet. I'm sad for my younger self, especially teenage me. She was a very angry, sad person. It took nearly all of my 20s to learn how to let go of all that anger and frustration. It didn't have to be so hard for her. I wish she could have had an easier time making friends, going to school, and just enjoying her youth.

45878919_499307553881884_5100647119996321792_nBut wow am I looking forward to returning to my projects and creating beautiful art on the regular again! I am currently remodeling my bedroom and office, but soon my office will exclusively be an art studio! How fun is that? I've moved my day job things to my living room in a lovely little armoire to help myself focus on work and to allow more room for my artistic endeavors. I will have my kiln and fancy pants professional printer set up by the end of the month.

In the interim, I have decided to start taking on commissions again, but in a very controlled manner which will use some of my ADHD tendencies (hyperfixation) to my advantage. Instead of taking on work that's more or less a free-for-all, I will be offering a menu of very specific types of art on a rotating basis. For example, I love drawing these cute little cupcakes with faces. For a limited time, I will have Cupcake Caricatures available via ko-fi. When my attention on that wanes, I will switch from cupcakes to chibis or from chibis to imps, etc. More information on up-and-coming projects and commission availability will be shared soon.

Cupcakes not really your thing? I understand! I now also have memberships available on ko-fi that will give you access to all sorts of things including commission availability exclusively for members and VIP access depending upon which level you choose. Here's to looking forward to more art and better things! 

Thanks to everyone who has stuck around through thick and thin. You're so loved and appreciated!

Much Love!

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BSBP 2021 Edition!

Hello, friends!

It's been ages since I've made a blog post, and it feels even longer since I last participated in a blog hop. Welcome! I can't wait to see what everyone has made. This blog hop is hosted by the lovely Lori Anderson. You can find her creations along with the full list of participants here. I was fortunate enough to end up with two partners this time around, and what they sent was absolutely lovely! My partners are Kathy Lindemer and Shaiha Williams!

They sent such beautiful, unique things my way! And were so generous. I only made two designs this time around, but my mind is still swirling with ideas for even more. I've got all my "leftovers" on my work desk still so I can keep creating.

First up is my soup from Ms. Kathy:


Such a beautiful selection! I can't wait to work with those little bits of yellow and blue. For now, I started off with the mother of pearl focal point. I knew exactly what I wanted to do as soon as I saw it. This was one of those rare instances where it came out exactly as I imagined in my mind. It gave me very little fuss. I decided on a wire-wrapped pendant with a focus on the earthy tones with a little shine from some crystals.



Next, I have my soup from my other lovely partner, Shaiha. To say that I feel spoiled by all the things I received from my two partners is a vast understatement.


So many beautiful things to choose from! I just had to play with that polymer clay pendant. It is so divine, and the colors are some of my favorite combinations. It was definitely a bit challenging to work with. Assembling the bail was the easy part. Figuring out how I want it all to lay and to balance out design was the trick. I started and stopped many times with this one, but here it is:


Thank you for stopping by, and please be sure to visit the other participants and my wonderful partners Shaiha and Kathy. They have made some really beautiful things, and I am proud to have partnered with them both.

Much love!

Ms. B

Of Coloring Projects and Comebacks

2m1knrI have been making art since I was a very small child. I've also done freelance work of various sorts since I was a teenager. In 2011, after changing my business name for the umpteenth time, I finally settled on "Mixed Mayhem Studios." It was a clever play on words since I usually opt for mixed media to create art. Why settle for one medium when you can have all the things? That year is when I really felt I had my "official" start in having a "real" business. I mean, I even registered a "doing business as" name.

I did pretty well for myself at first since I was quite consistent with my work, but life has a curious habit of getting in the way. Especially when there's a day job that seems hellbent on consuming every iota of energy you can muster. Without going into too much detail, I will admit that my own health, work, and caring for family took precedence over art and making beautiful things. By 2013, nearly all of my projects had come to a screeching halt for one reason or another. My side hustle had also become a tiresome chore rather than a labor of love. 

Recently, that love has been rekindled, and I am hoping to also get back into the habit of sharing my work regularly. I had briefly started doing this again earlier this year via Instagram and Facebook, but I encountered another one of life's curve balls around March of this year. I'm not ready to share the details of that instance publically yet. It's a sensitive topic that I'm still quite moody about, and I'm trying to keep this blog post a positive one. I only mention it because I want my readers and anyone who follows my content to know why there have been such impressive instances of radio silence on my part. Long story short, I suffered a rather impressive injury in March that involved a bit of nerve damage in my right arm. Guess who is also right-handed? This gal.  Watercolorpainting112018

Anyhow, I have no desire to dwell on that. I still don't have as much free time as I would like, but I carve it out in little stolen moments late at night and during work breaks. It makes for a pleasant escape from the little stresses of day to day life, and thankfully I have an awesome job now that I really enjoy. One of my current most favorite things to do during those reprieves is to color. What can I say? I love vibrant colors and this whole adult coloring book trend (please never die, oh beloved trend) is the best thing since sliced bread.

My house is filled with stacks of coloring books and oh so much art supplies! It's a wonder I get anything else done. I love pens, markers, paint -- nothing is off limits! I have also always been kind of a doodler. No margin of notebook paper or blank space is safe from me. The combination of doodles + coloring also makes for interesting designs. I have enjoyed the process of creating these types of paintings and mixed media pieces so much lately that several thoughts occurred to me: This would make for an excellent starting point to start sharing my work again, and how fun would it be to create my own unique coloring book pages? Who knows, I might even publish my own coloring book one day.

Before I get ahead of myself thinking I'm the next Johanna Basford (I LOVE YOU ♥), it occurred to me that I could easily create some coloring book pages, have them printed, and share with friends. How fun would that be? I can't tell you how many weekends I've spent with friends and family just hanging out while coloring beautiful things. I love everything about it. I think that I also miss the community feel of art classes where we were all working on our own little versions of the same project. It's such a unique atmosphere that I have rarely encountered as an adult. I want to foster that feeling and sense of community, so I have set up a Patreon account to do just that.

My plan for that account is twofold: I want to share my process of how I create art step-by-step by taking my Patrons, blog followers, and other social media peeps behind the scenes. Second, I want to encourage others to partake in the joy of coloring by creating intricate coloring pages while walking you through how to color them. I am so excited about this project! I am so excited about ALL of the projects I have in the works currently, some of which have been waiting in the wings for quite some time.

In addition to all of the coloring excitement, I am also working on some special Art Abandonment projects (I love that this is a more common thing now!), revamping my jewelry store, and restarting an old, beloved game. It's a lot, but it's not something I've taken on all at once. This is the culmination of many months of tinkering, plotting, and note-taking.

I hope you'll join me whether it's here, on another social media platform, or Patreon itself. In the meantime, I'd like to share with you the very first coloring page I've created to date. This is free to download. I only ask that you link back to this blog or to my Patreon page if you post it online. It's not for resale. This is for you to enjoy. I would love to see what you create from it, so please share your work online if you can! I'm on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and all the usual places. If you'd rather not share publically, you can always email me instead. Print it out, color it Photoshop, whatever floats your boat!

Thank you to all of you have stuck around through the years! You are so appreciated!

Much love,


Bead Soup Blog Party: Bead Hoarders Edition!

Woohoo! It's reveal day! I'm a bit behind the times on updating my blog here lately, and as I put together my jewelry from my Bead Soup my lovely partner, Radel, sent me I realized that I am terribly out of practice. As in... Wow. This was harder than I remember it being the last time I made a complex piece of jewelry. Still fun though!

First off, here are the lovely goodies I received:


Radel sent me two little packages in little organza bags and a card. We were pretty well matched since I also sent her two organza bags of beads and a card. Talk about serendipitous! In the first bag was this beautiful piece of purple agate, some lilac cats eye glass, and some matching seed beads:


The second bag held some fantastic wooden beads. I didn't have time to venture into working with the wood beads, but I have something fun in mind for them. I'm going to turn them into a sun catcher for my kitchen window. I also plan on painting little flowers and designs on the beads (hence why I ran out of time on this particular project). I don't want to paint them solid colors, either. Just little designs on top to allow the nice wood tones to shine through.


Without further delay, here is my BSBP creation:

In the spirit of this being the Bead Hoarders addition, I used the last of my gunmetal wire that I can't seem to find a suitable replacement for. The necklace is kind of two-toned with a darker silver that was supposed to replace my spent spools of gunmetal wire but didn't quite pan out. Either way, I like the dark metal with the purple beads.


The purple agate, cats eye beads, and seed beads I used as spacers were from Radel. The rest was from my collection. I pulled out some Chinese crystal and some amethyst rounds to go along with the natural stone of the agate.


Here's a nice close up of the pendant so you can really see the detail of it. It's the most complex thing I've wire wrapped in quite some time. Something I didn't notice until I started working on this pendant was that the agate was drilled on either end. Because of that, this is probably the most sturdy wire wrapped pendant I have ever made. Makes me want to whip out my dremel and start drilling holes in things, lol.


... and here it is in my hand for a size reference. Sort of a size reference I guess. I have big hands for a lady? It's what happens when your dad is a football linebacker. It's nice and heavy, too!


Purple is kind of a spring-y color to me, so I used this cute leaf toggle clasp. I love toggle clasps in general. Much easier to manipulate.


Thanks for stopping by!

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AnimeFest 2016!

Hello, world!

I'm in the middle of updating my blog and website to get it up and running again. I'll be at AnimeFest 2016 this weekend with the artists of ShoNuff Studios. It's going to be a lot of fun, and I hope to meet awesome new people while I'm there. I'll be there today and Saturday. Still iffy on Sunday. Con recap plus photos of awesome cosplayers will follow shortly.

Much love,


Been a while.

My blog has been muchly neglected of the past few months. Here's a recap of what's gone down:

April 2014: I moved out of my roommate's townhouse for an adventure of sorts as a bit of a nomad.

I won't get into the lengthy reasons as to why I moved. But I did, more or less, do something I've always wanted to do. I shoved nearly everything I had in storage, and I traveled. Most of that traveling was between Texas and Oklahoma. I spent nearly the entire summer with my dad, and that was awesome.

I also attended more anime conventions in more locations than I ever have as a vendor. It was super fun, and also super stressful.

A small tragedy struck late August, thankfully after I had already finished my last show, in the form of a muscle spasm in my lower back. That sucked. A lot. I could barely walk, and it made my crazy commute from Oklahoma to Texas each week (because I kept my day job while doing all this), very difficult. Because I was stuck sitting in my truck so much, plus the strain on my back of also having a desk job (i.e. more sitting) I wasn't healing very well.

October 2014: I got my own apartment all to myself!

It is both awesome and dreadful. I love having space to myself, but I sorely miss seeing my dad and the rest of my family every week. Being in one place all the time also makes me feel trapped. I also hold immense disdain for the cost of said dwelling, lol.

December 2014: My back spasm finally resolved itself.

Thank goodness. Because I live on the second floor.

January 2015 to now: I've felt kind of stuck in a tailspin of sorts trying to get my apartment organized. For the first time in roughly 5 years, everything I own is in one place. I can't tell you how many truck loads of things I've donated to Good Will or have hauled off to the trash.

My artspace, while awesome, is a bit limited. Here's what it looks like when it's nice and tidy:

I can confirm, that since this photo, and aside from the day of my housewarming party, it has not ever looked quite so nice. Sure, there's that cute image going around saying, "Creative minds are rarely tidy," but this mind needs some peace, and I find that in things being tidy.

That's hard to do with the sheer amount of art supplies I own, and the limited space my adorable little apartment holds. I'm actually going to be downsizing a bit by selling off or donating some of my supplies. Too much is just too much. I spend entirely so much time stressed over trying to find things I've misplaced or can't find than I do creating things.

On top of that, most recently, I seem to have ceased to be able to sleep, and I am constantly exhausted. That is probably the biggest reason why my blog has had some extended radio silence, and my social media presence has been chirping crickets at best.

This also brings me to some somewhat sad news: I've had to cancel all of my anime conventions for this summer. I've decided I need to focus mainly on my health, and during the time off I plan to hone my craft as an artist a bit more.

Next week, between some much needed vacation and a visit to my very sweet primary care physician, I hope to resolve the worse-than-usual insomnia. Hopefully, I will get some rest, and I'll be able to get back to creating super awesome things.

Much love,

ZNetShows Summer Blog Hop Reveal!

Creative Spark Summer 2014It's time for the reveal of the summer challenge from ZnetShows! Also, the new issue of the Creative Spark magazine is available, so be sure to check that out. There's also a list of the blog hop participants below, so be sure to check out the work from the rest of the design team. :D

The theme this time for the challenge was Summer Days and Summer Nights. Just as a quick refresher, the beads that I received from ZnetShows for this particular are in this blog post. I got to choose two of the colors and I went with periwinkle changes and moonstone opal, both of which are totally divine. If you love color-shift stones and glass like labradorite and sea opal, you will love these colors, too!

Anyhow, without further delay, here's what I created:

Summer Days
My daytime design is called "Butterfly Garden." Summers for me, especially as a child, have always been spent in Oklahoma helping my grandparents with their flower gardens while chasing butterflies.

Summer Nights
My evening design is called "Moonlit Path." While summer days were spent chasing bugs and picking flowers, evenings were for stargazing with my dad. I love being outside of city limits on a clear summer evening to watch the moon rise. It's always so dark you can see the Milky Way itself.

That's it for my designs. Be sure to check out all the awesome designers listed below! While you're at it, stop by the ZnetShows blog, too! ♥

Much love,

Blog Hop Participants:

ZNetShows Summer Challenge Beads

Oh, man, guys. GUYS. Look at this stash of awesome! I'm always so tickled and pleasantly surprised when I get to participate and receive awesome beads from - I seriously love these guys so much!

I actually keep my beads I receive from them in a separate little bag so that when I am working on designs to show off their beautiful beads, I can mix and match up beads from prior challenges as well.

Clearly, I will have to take a photo of this particular stash to give you a lovelies an idea of the awesome things I get to work with. It may have to wait though, because I'm working on placing an order for some things I've been eyeing for a while on their website.

While I'd love to show off the awesome designs I've already created from these beads, you'll have to wait until the Summer issue of Creative Spark comes out. ;)

I can, however, tell you that the theme was Summer Days and Summer Nights - one jewelry set was created per design theme.

That's it for now!

Much love,