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New Coloring Book, Designs, & Free Digital Downloads for Valentine's Day

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Hello friends!

Guess what? I published another coloring book on Amazon! I know! Another one so soon? There's a method to my madness, though. I actually want to create a new book each month with a different theme. This month is hearts and lace for Valentine's Day! I love making these books, and while I know this is probably not sustainable long term, it's one of my goals for the year. I create these for the joy of it, and the fact that it is accessible to other people is a bonus. Speaking of accessibility, if you don't want to shop on Amazon or prefer a digital file, both of my books are now available as digital downloads on Etsy. I really want to foster a community around coloring, and in the spirit of that, I also have some awesome freebies to give away!


This link will take you to my Patreon, but this is a public post that is available for free. There are also some other freebies on the page if you scroll back a few posts! This post in particular is for a mini Valentine's coloring book and some adorable DIY/Color-Your-Own Valentine's Day Cards. I always loved giving and receiving those cutesy little cards for Valentine's Day. Sometimes I still buy them as an adult to use in crafts or to mail my friends cards for holidays. I hope you enjoy them, and if you color them, tag me on social media so I can see your creations! (@brkuhlman on Instagram, @artistbrkuhlman on FB, or @brkuhlman on TikTok)

In other news, I got really frustrated with trying to use Shopify to sell my art prints, so I nixed that and went a much simpler route using the payment processor I already use. It has an easier interface and looks infinitely more cohesive with this site which makes me happy. You can now find my prints and originals here or use the link in the header of this site to access the shop.


If you're interested in my surface pattern designs on products, those have also been added to the header for Redbubble and Society6. I am still on the fence about whether or not I want to keep Society6 since they don't pay out much and their options are kind of limited, but they have such interesting products! We'll see after I place an order for some of the things I am contemplating whether or not the quality makes it worth it. I use Printful for my fine art prints, and they also have options for interesting fashion that offer a very high level of customization, so that may be a thing that I tinker with in the future.

For now, my focus is mostly on surface pattern design, creating more cute printable projects, and making more digital paintings on my tablet. I have almost got it to where the art I make on my tablet looks very close to my traditional work which is the ultimate goal! What projects are you working on? Share links to the comments so I can see what you're creating!

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New Coloring Book Published & New Designs!

Hello, friends!

I have some pretty exciting updates to share! A lot has been going on, and if you haven't noticed, I even got around to updating the design of the blog. It feels much more "me" and I love it! Beyond the new look of the website, I have a lot of news to share. I like lists to keep my thoughts straight, so here's what's been going on in list form:

  • I re-launched my coloring book club, The Color Club! by Mixed Mayhem Studios. There are free coloring book pages I made myself in the group, but you don't have to color my work to join. If you like adult coloring books, this is a group for you! Learn more here.
  • Perhaps even more exciting than picking my coloring club project back up is that I published my very first coloring book! Inner child me is positively doing cartwheels of excitement over this! You can pick up a copy at Amazon (affiliate link). Copies should start arriving this Friday!
  • In addition to re-designing the blog, I've fleshed out some of the pages a bit more, to include a list of favorite art supplies I use in my own creative practice!
  • I've launched new surface pattern designs on Society6 and Redbubble respectively. Some of the designs are also venturing over onto my own Shopify store.


Why so many stores? Well, Society6 and RedBubble each have options that the other does not have (many of which I want to purchase for myself, lol), and my Shopify store allows me an even higher level of customization and even further product options than either Society6 or Redbubble. Either way, I am having a great time tinkering! I have made more art and interesting designs in the last few weeks than I have in years. My designs feature bright colors and complex, ornate patterns. I'll be honest, as I've already mentioned, a lot of what I've made is because I want to order a fair amount of it for myself. What can I say, I'm still a kid at heart and love wearing bright rainbow-y things. I'm that adult at the store that walks past the kid stuff and pouts because the rainbows and cute things aren't made in my size. 

New patterns are also on the way and being launched exclusively for Valentine's Day! Get a sneak peek here to check out the first design in the collection. Let me know what you think in the comments!

Much love,

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